Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I know I've told you about Tuk Tuk's before. The cute little yellow and green colored, three-wheeled vehicles we sometimes use in India. They are a cut above the rickshaws/pedi-cabs and step below taxis, best of all they are cheap and easy to find and you get the joy of negotiating a price

Many of them have bumper stickers on the back advertising something. I always assumed the Tuk Tuk drivers rented out the space on the back to make a little extra money - that's how it would be done back home. This morning I discovered the truth (or at least the truth in many cases.)

We were stopped at a light for a while and to the side of us there was a guy with a stack of bumper stickers. When the Tuk Tuk's would slow down or stop for the light, he'd run out and subtly apply the sticker to the back. In most cases, the drivers had no idea they'd been tagged. The true definition of Ambush Marketing.

I couldn't find today's song in a format I could embed, so you'll have to click here if you want to listen to Ryan Shupe's "Ambush." My personal shout out to a fellow Utahn and one of my sis's all time favorites. Pin It


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