Sunday, September 28, 2008


Mom has been after me all week to post some pictures from my trip to Kathmandu last weekend, and thanks to my decision to stay in the house today after the latest bombing in Delhi (we're all okay) today is a great time to catch up.

The trip was amazing! I fell in love with Kathmandu and cannot wait to go back, a weekend just wasn't enough time. Like Delhi, the city is full of color, sound and smells, but it has a much more relaxed vibe.

I found a great hotel, The Courtyard, and within a half a day I felt like I was staying with friends or family. The hotel is in the center of the tourist area, but thanks to a long driveway and a beautiful courtyard, you feel miles away from the hustle. The owners are a couple from Seattle, so we had some great conversations about the city we love. They gave great advice on where to find the best shopping and have a way of bringing their guest all together each evening for great conversation.

Each evening I found myself out to dinner with a different group of people staying at the hotel - one night we were out for a Nepali food and I looked around the table and realized we had a Canadian, 2 Australians, a Swede, an Irishman, a Nepali, 2 Americans and a Frenchman, our own mini-UN. The food was amazing and the company was perfect.

I went on the trip expecting to spend tons of time on my own, meditating and setting goals for the next five years. Instead I spent it surrounded by people and had a great time. It was a real lesson for me - sometimes I need to let go of control and just let things happen.

We didn't get to see any of the cultural sites on this trip - the local's were rioting around the cultural sites over some decisions made by the new government, so we decided to play it safe and stick to other areas of town - the shopping district which means I brought home some great finds and got to see these adorable little boys who found their own fun on the walk home from school.

With the city less than 90 minutes away from Delhi by air, I'm planning to return frequently. It was the perfect place for me to let go of the stress and worry of work and just relax and be. Donavon Frankenreiter's "Let It Go" was my theme song for the weekend:

Do you ever wake up and wonder how your world could change
'Cause feels so strange
Yeah you feel so strange
Do you ever feel like everything you're doing never gets done
Like you're on the run

Don't it feel so good to let it go
Forget about everything you know

Do you ever feel like all you do is try and try
But you never get by
I said you never get by
Do ever feel like what you're doing ain't what you want
It's just what you've been taught

It's gonna feel so good to let it go
Forget about everything you know
Grab a friend let's come togheter
Times like these should last forever

Laugh at me
And I'll laugh too
Cry At Me
And I'll cry with you
Just to help you through

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joannes51 said...

Thanks for the pictures> Sounds like a perfect weekend. It looks beautiful there, no wonder you want to go back. The picture of those little boys is just precious. What cute children. Stay safe!!

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