Thursday, February 25, 2010


I thought I'd share my weekend craft project.  I've been trying to find super cheap ways to add some color and personality to my apartment, so I constantly have my eyes open to find bargains to help me decorate.

This weekend I stumbled across a package of four 12x12 cork tiles for a great price.  I figured I could buy scrapbook paper to put over the top of the tiles, add a few photos and I'd have something interesting to hang up in the bedroom.

This project cost less than $10, required no glue, scissors or any special skills.

I love simple craft projects like this - mostly because it is a project I can see through from idea, planning to execution in a short amount of time.  Most of the time the projects I work on for work take months if not years and I crave that feeling that comes when I finish something and can see the end result, craft project give me that. 

What about you?  Do crafty projects reduce your stress, or do you find it stresses you out more?

Have you heard that two of the Dixie Chick's are about to release a new album under the name Courtyard Hounds?  I'm counting down the days till its released, until then I'll listen to some of my old favorites.

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Maegan Beishline said...

Oh I hear ya! If I don't think I can finish something in a reasonable amount of time, I don't even start. I am, however, still working on my Christmas scrapbook...only because I think it's important. I only make one scrapbook a year. Your picture boards are way cute! And I think I heard that about the Dixie Chicks...sans Natalie. Can't wait!

Nicole said...

Very cute! You definitely got the crafty genes of our family. I wish I had gotten just a couple of them! Courtyard Hounds??? What's that all about?

The Felix Family said...

I love to do crafty things, but I have zero original ideas. Anything I do is copied from someone else. I just don't see the vision. Those cork boards are really cute. I love simple things like that that are personal and make a big difference.

cindy said...

i love your display and it's a great idea. my stress level with projects usually tracks how well they're going and i don't like to have multiple works in progress because i get bored and will never finish them. love that song and have you heard of dawn landes? she's from kentucky. enjoy your weekend!

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