Friday, February 19, 2010

The face at the end of my fist

I'm guessing a couple of the instructors at my Jazzercise class had a bad week - because we did a ton of kick-boxing routines.

Just how bad is it for me to admit that I had a person in mind for each punch or a kick.  Imagining that face at the end of my fist was cathartic and I'm pretty sure my punches were much harder which means I got a better workout.

A great reminder of the reason Jazzercise is so great for me - I get a good workout and I get to take out all my frustrations so the don't stay bottled up and keep me up at night.

One of N's favorite kick-boxing routines is to Madonna's "Celebration."  Listen, and if the spirit moves you, put your arms up and start punching.  Don't be afraid to imagine there is a face at the end of your fist, after all it is only imaginary violence.

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Joanne said...

wow! I might just try that,, but I have to admit I am curious who you see at the end of your fist!

Maegan Beishline said...

Ha! That's so funny...well not funny that you were frustrated but I am just imagining you all ticked off punching the air to that old Madonna song! Aaaahhh...I miss kick boxing...and good old Madona songs!

Nicole said...

I heart kickboxing Jazzercise routines!!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea!...though I'm afraid to admit it might be own face at the end of my face most of the time. :-)

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