Friday, February 26, 2010


It doesn't really matter how much I enjoy my job (and I really am enjoying it here in Lexington.)  I'm always EXTREMELY grateful when Friday rolls around.  This week is no exception.

I've worked in a lot of different places but this is the first time I've worked out of a converted horse barn.  You couldn't tell that's what it is from the inside, but from the outside it looks like the traditional Kentucky horse barn.

The biggest adjustment for me at this work site is having an office.  I've had lots of cubicle and few times have just worked on a table in the middle of the room, so it is very strange to have an actual office with a door.  Sometimes I find it lonely, but I think I could pretty easily get used to it.

Any fun plans for the weekend?

I feel like its been too long between posts with a little Ray LaMontagne,  so in honor of my horse barn office - here is his "All The Wild Horses."

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Anonymous said...

If I was working right now, I sure would like an office in a horse barn!

Weekend plans? I'm manning a girl scout booth for a while and attending a women's church conference, then hopefully find some time to clean and maybe even play a little. Who am I kidding? I'll totally play before I clean! ;-)

Stacee said...

I love seeing your Kentucky home! Wish I could come for a visit this weekend. Can't wait to see you next time. Thanks for keeping your old friends updated on your life there. I'll let you know when we're heading to Nashville this summer. I would love to meet up! Have a GREAT weekend!

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