Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Great Saree Adventure pt 2

Welcome to part two of the Great Saree Adventure, which is as much about the great kind of people I've met here as it is about my saree.

When I bought the saree this past weekend I was thinking that I had nearly two weeks until the wedding, imagine my shock when I realized I had less than a week.  This is a problem because typically when you buy a saree it comes with a piece of fabric that you then take to your tailor and have them use to make the top and things like that don't happen overnight.

When I arrived at work on Monday I started asking friends if they knew of a tailor who might take a rush job.  One of my colleagues stepped up and said she'd make a few calls for me.  She got her mom involved and next thing I know I had an appointment with a tailor Tuesday evening, right after I picked up the saree.  My friend's mom had called and some how convinced her tailor, who usually takes 1-2 months per order, to do a rush job for me.  At 7 PM I showed at Mrs. J's house (who I'd never met before) and sat down for a visit and some wonderful fresh juice which was prepared when I explained I didn't drink tea or coffee while we waited for her tailor (yes he makes house calls.)

When he arrived, she kindly explained that I wanted my shirt a bit longer than usual (no way am I baring my belly!)  This led to a LONG conversation in hindi with much measurements of the fabric.  The fabric had been specifically created with bands of the printing placed where the waist and the arms would end on the normal length, but since I wanted mine a few inches longer there wasn't enough fabric.  Eventually we all decided to go with a fabric dyed to match with the printed bands added after the fact, seems like a workable solution to me.

How kind was it for Mrs. J and the tailor to spend part of their evening helping out a total stranger at the request of my friend.  The more I travel the more I'm convinced the world is full of amazing people, you just have to see through the differences to realize it.

As I dashed out the door due to a call from my driver telling me he had to leave Mrs. J presented me with a little goodie.  I thought it would be a savory, vegetable type thing, but instead it was a sweet.  I love when I'm brave enough to try new things, like wearing a saree and strange looking food.

Finally got around to downloading the new Lady Antebellum and am loving this song:
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Nicole said...

Where's the pics?

HeRoosSheRoos said...

I love nice people. I'm glad you're having fun shopping & meeting kind people. I'm all for great jewelry & you definitley need to splurge occasionally. I'm REALLY looking forward to pictures of the whole outfit so don't be shy with the camera.

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