Thursday, March 4, 2010


It's always good to be in my home town again.  No matter where I travel nothing feels as comfortable as Aurora.  I'm so grateful that I was lucky enough to grown up in this tiny community.

On my last visit home I got a tour of the house I grew up in (thanks to J & J.)  As I walked through the house I couldn't help but think about a song from Miranda Lambert, "The House that Built Me."

Listening to this clip made me wish I had musical talent and could be like Miranda and listen to a set of songs, fall in love with one and make it mine.  Instead, I'll settle for listening to a song and passing it on, hoping you love it as much as I do. Pin It


cindy said...

that song is so endearing and heartfelt. lovely. are you sure you don't have musical talent? you certainly have a passion for it and that's half the battle. enjoy your hometown and weekend!

Peterson5 said...

I love Aurora to. I think it is alittle spot of Heaven.

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