Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wedding Details

The wedding was over the top - as is the typical wedding in India.  There were hundreds of people there, enough food to feed twice that many, flowers and lights everywhere and a team of photographers capturing every moment.  Here are a few pictures.

The venue was covered in lights.

She's holding a garland made of money

The groom's friends and family wait with him for the Bride's arrival

The bride's conveyance

The gorgeous bride

The bride and groom are finally together.

The bride and groom sit together and all the guests take turn having their photos taken with them

Its times like these when I wish I made it a priority to learn to use my camera better.  Every time I turned around there was something I wanted a photo of - the colors and images were amazing. 

A beautiful love song for a beautiful couple:

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Nikki said...

What a celebration! That makes American weddings look so drab.

Joanne said...

wow! beautiful. The colors are so bright and just colorful. I love it!!No wonder you had such a great time.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You're right, they go all out for their weddings. Thanks so much for sharing these fun details!

Nicole said...

That's awesome! Looks like you had fun.

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