Friday, April 9, 2010

Straight Line to Lexington

I'm packing a suitcase again - I keep thinking that as often as I do this I'd have some sort of special system worked out so it wouldn't take so long, or I wouldn't dread it so much.  But no matter how much I travel, I hate packing.

In a few hours I'll be saying goodbye to my second to last visit to Delhi (for the foreseeable future at least.) This trip is a little different because instead of heading home, I'm headed straight to Lexington.  Back to that little apartment that was just starting to feel like home.  

I'm looking forward to spring in Kentucky - can't wait to see the grass turning green.  To explore some of the surrounding towns and to catch up with some new friends.

While I finish packing, take a listen to one of my favorite new artists - she's from Kentucky - and a new discovery thanks to Cindy, a fellow blogger who is a talented photographer and has great taste in music.

Dawn Landes - Straight Lines
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Joanne said...

one of my favorite songs...'On The Road Again"

cindy said...

i'm so glad you like her and thanks for the nice words!

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