Monday, June 14, 2010

Creativity Bootcamp Day 9 - Drizzle

Today's assignment has been the most difficult for me yet - not because of the prompt, drizzle, but because the assignment is to switch mediums for the assignment.  There are other artistic pursuits I enjoy - scrapbooking, card making and even beading, but since I'm back in Lexington today I've discovered I don't have the tools or supplies for any of these.  I don't even have crayons, markers or pencils that would allow me to attempt drawing (which given my skills in that area is almost a relief.)

The prompt instantly took me to my former hometown, Seattle, so I've decided for today's assignment I'll use writing as my medium and write a love letter to the rainy city in the Northwest.

Dear Seattle,

I flew into town on my way to someplace else, I spent only a few hours on your streets and yet your lush green landscape, towering mountains and crisp cool water began to call my name.  I turned to my companion and said, "I could see myself living here someday."

Several years later, I arrived again for a short visit, but this time my trip came with the possibility of a future - a job interview.  My downtown hotel stay gave me the opportunity to visit your, famous for a reason, Pike Place Market and, the mothership to shopaholics, the Nordstrom flagship store.   I was smitten.  Fingers crossed I returned home with a prayer that we would become fast friends.

Several weeks later I flew in again - this time with a job offer in hand and a goal of finding a place to call my own.  West Seattle called my name, and before I left an offer was made on a little condo.  My very fist home, I was finally a grown-up with a mortgage to prove it.

One more flight in and I was home.

We spent four years together, and I fell more in love with you each year.  Your clouds and drizzle may have made for long winters, but watching the clouds move in over the water or down the mountains always made me feel protected and secured.  I learned to wear fleece and stopped bothering with umbrellas.  You taught me the joys of life near the water, the beauty of a wet green tree and the overwhelming joy that comes from the rare sunny day.

We've been apart now for longer than we were together, but I still miss you when the drizzle starts.  You  brought amazing people into my life.  You gave me the freedom to discover who I am and filled each day with beauty.  You will forever be my home.


This calls for a song from one of my favorite Seattle artists - Brandi Carlile.

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Sherree said...

Oh how Id love to be able to write. This must have been a nice change of pace for you..lovely!

blue china studio said...

I love that you decided to write about "drizzle". Your descriptions took me right there. I really enjoyed this!

Anonymous said...

Great post! I stuck with the same medium today, although I did just start a botanical drawing class. I'm not ready to share anything from that. I'm the only person in the class with NO drawing background or experience. It wasn't as intimidating as I expected, though.

Nicole said...

I remember the day we took that picture! I miss you living in Seattle too!

colorchic said...

Seattle definitely has a lot of drizzle! Your writing is wonderful and to be appreciated! Have a great week.

Joanne said...

beautiful letter, beautiful picture

Deanna said...

What a beautiful letter. I feel the same way about Colorado. I only lived there for 6 months but that's really where my heart is and I hope to go back some day.

Sam said...

A beautiful piece of writing and the photo is stunning too.

cindy said...

they are perfect together. the mood in the photo is perfect for seattle. LOVE that song, too.

Clinton Painter said...

Great picture Jam. Love the Great Northwest. That picture took me back. Your letter is really great. One of my favorite posts ever.

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