Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wonderful Surprise

To my immense surprise I discovered Stephanie, a new blogging friend thanks to the Creativity Bootcamp, had passed on a Beautiful Blogger Award to me.  I'm very honored and more thrilled than ever that Maegan has brought us all together on this eye opening journey.

The recipient is asked to share 10 things about him/herself that others may not know, so here it is:

  1. I grew up in a town of 900, but since then have lived in cities with over 10 million residents - what's unique is that I love both versions of life
  2. My latest food passion is greek yogurt
  3. I used to be fanatical about being on time, but now can barely be anyplace on time
  4. I feel claustrophobic if I can't see a mountain somewhere on the horizon
  5. I don't have a middle name
  6. I dream of being a gourmet cook - but I'm too lazy to learn
  7. I love Jazzercise and the way a class kills the stress of a long day
  8. Nothing makes me feel better than a good haircut
  9. I'm dying for an iPad but am too cheap to buy the first model
  10. I never thought my blog would last past the 10th post
Now for my nominees:

Some fun new blogs I've discovered this week and few longtime favorites, check them out, you'll be glad you did.

The word beautiful for me is typically accompanied in my head by snatches of Christina Aguilar's amazing "Beautiful."

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Nicole said...

Ok - I knew most of that stuff about you, but I have the inside track. I want an Ipad too!!!

The Felix Family said...

iPads are amazing! I don't have one, but you can bet my dad does and it's really awesome. But I also think it's smart to wait for a later version. They always come out with something better. By the way, I am excited you will be able to make it to the reunion this weekend and I agree you are a beautiful blogger!!!!

cindy said...

congratulations on the award and it is befitting such a beautiful girl!

i love greek yogurt too, but need some honey or jam on top. and, i'd also love an ipad and swoon whenever i see the commercial, but i'm pretty sure they're going to lower the price at some point - they always do.

thank you for the award! i'll put my thinking cap on!

Linda said...

Hello! and Congratulations on the BB award. So much in common.
#10 me either ;)

Linda said...

PS. Christina A. grew up in my area.

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