Monday, June 21, 2010

Reunion Time

Last weekend I flew home to Utah for a family reunion.  My mom's brothers and sisters, their kids and grandkids get together every other year to catch up.  It is so much fun to see everyone.

I got to spend plenty of time with my niece and nephew during the trip since we were all staying at my parents - which brings me to the story I have to record here so I don't forget it.  My sister and I met at Cabela's on our way to Aurora to pick up Father's Day gifts for my dad.  We let the kids watch the fish and then got ready to head south.  N asked Miss M if she wanted to ride with me or her mom, to my surprise she picked me.  So we moved the car seat and DVD player (Dora is a must on road trips) and hit the road.

While we were at mom & dad's anytime I'd head downstairs to my bedroom to check email or work on my bootcamp assignment, it seems I was never downstairs for more than 15 minutes before I'd hear Miss M heading down the stairs calling my name.  She'd arrive and asked to look at the pictures from Tiny T's birthday in April.  For some reason this little girl loves to look at pictures of her family, we must have looked at that set of pictures at least 15 times over the weekend.

For lunch on Saturday Aunt P decided we needed to shake things up and instructed us to sit next to someone who wasn't a sibling so we could break out of our family groups.  I helped Miss M get her food and got her settled in with her parents and then went back to get something for myself.  I sat down with some cousins (good chatting with you A&E - your little one is adorable!)  After lunch I wandered back over to Miss M.  She looked at me and said "Jamie, where were you?  I missed you."  I've never heard anything so sweet.  My sister says she spent most of the meal asking where I was, apparently she really likes me.

Miss M - I miss you!

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The Felix Family said...

I like that story! She is one sweet girl and I bet it's hard to leave her when you go.

Nicole said...

I told her that you miss her and she ran to daddy and said "aww daddy, Jamie miss me!"

krissilugbill said...

that is so sweet! kids can just melt your heart! Miss M is a doll

The Estes Family said...

That is so cute!!! She has such a great Aunt:)

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