Wednesday, January 25, 2012

As the Storm Rolls Through

2012.01 Istanbul (5 of 20)
The past few months have felt a bit like being in a storm - at times so dark and cloudy I couldn't see too far ahead, and yet there was always beauty in those bright flashes of light and the ever changing landscape.

2012.01 Istanbul (9 of 20)
Today, I'm just starting to see a corner of blue sky telling me the worst is over. That life will get back into a more normal rhythm, one that includes weekends and work weeks that don't cross the 80 hour mark! I'm excited to find that new normal.

2012.01 Istanbul (11 of 20)
Until the sun peaks its head out again - I'm going to enjoy the last of the clouds as they rush by and look forward to those sunny days I know will come.

Alexi Murdoch - Toward the Sun Pin It


blue elephant photography said...

oh they come and go and we just have to appreciate it while it's there :) it's still beautiful anyway! stopping by to say hi!i have missed you and for some reason while in china i couldn't access yours and ashley's blog page weird! take care and have fun *hugs*

Anonymous said...

I look at all your pics and I'm just so amazed at you. You have such skill and I'm totally in love with all the places you go. You're like my tour guide of the places I would love to see. So thank you for sharing your tour with me! I hope that all is well!

Cindy said...

a beautiful view and glad the clouds are clearing!

Diana Joy said...

My life has had clouds over it also lately... I pray for blue skies. Hope your time before normal isn't too long.

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