Saturday, January 28, 2012

Headed North

I'm making a surprise (to me) trip to Switzerland for work in the next few days.

I'm praying it won't be too cold and snowy - I'm packed for life in Turkey not Switzerland, and while I consider myself an experienced packer, a surprise trip like this can find the best of us shivering.

These photos are from my trip in October - and I'm sure the weather won't be this nice - but a girl can hope. If nothing else I plan to enjoy the cheese and chocolate.

I got bored last week and needed some new music and stumbled across Scooter McGavin's list of awesome mash-ups - I fell in love with Mighty Mike's Eden Snow.

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Dorian Susan said...

I love that top image with the mist. Great capture.
Switzerland huh? I thought you were on your way home. HOpefully that hasn't changed.
One good thing....if you don't have the right clothes-great excuse to treat yourself to something new!
Happy day Jamie.

Angie Willis said...

I agree with Dorian - that first image is spectacular. Enjoy the trip and don't eat too much cheese and chocolate... actually, do :-)

Stampmouse said...

Oh fun. Hope the weather is good. That first image is awesome. Have some cheese and chocolate for us virtual friends

Marcie said...

You're so full of surprises. Lucky you to be going to Switzerland!!

A Box of Chocolates said...

well surprise surprise life really is like a box of chocolates hey, you never know what's coming up next. Take a deep breath and enjoy. love your first shot so dreamy with the low clouds or fog

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

I'm a new follower and stumbled on this post ... you basically were and are in both of my home countries... :)
Love Istanbul, and love Switzerland! :)


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