Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Bliss

Corner Shops
Are you as ready for Friday as I am? Even though we are working through the weekends right now, there is something about the arrival of Friday which makes me happy. What is your favorite way to unwind at the end of a long week? Do you like to go out on Fridays? Or do you like to spend them at home planning how you'll spend your weekend?

The Corner
Lately Friday has been an evening for me to take a breath and catch up on a bit of entertainment from home, maybe one of my favorite TV shows, a book - or even just a bit of music. Is it possible my Friday night preferences are a sign of my age.

Almost like home
Just when I start to feel homesick, I'll walk by something like this, and remember our world is smaller that it used to be.

A song to carry you into the weekend, Fink: This is the Thing.
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DecorandtheDog said...

We go grocery shopping every Friday night because the stores are empty. What does that say about my age?

Enjoy your Friday!!!

Angie Willis said...

Great photos Jamie. Was the first one taken with a wide angle lens? You've got a lot into it.

The Felix Family said...

I love the motor bikes out front of the pizza places. That must be how they deliver.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Happy weekend Jamie! Tonight, I'll be celebrating Friday night out with friends, but usually Fridays are just a quiet dinner out with the hubs :)

Cindy said...

oh no, the last photo. i've never had either, but do love those scooters! enjoy your quiet friday night ... sounds good to me.

lisa said...

Wonderful photos Jamie!
My weekends depend on what my week was like. When I am on a break between semesters as I am now, I like to go out, but if I've had a really busy week, there is nothing better than just finding some downtime at home.

Marcie said...

Funny to see these 'American' landmarks over there. Wonderful images. Enjoy your weekend!

Bibi said...

The last picture made me laugh. I understand what it feels like to be away from home and how every little thing - store - sentence - tree - etc - that reminds of home makes us feel closer to our home and families.

Friday nights are my favorite, because the whole weekend with my husband lies ahead :)

hope yours was good and you didn't have to work too much?


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