Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rome: Churches

Here's what happens when you are still posting photos of a trip two months after you've returned forget where the pictures are from. I know they came from my last couple of days in Rome, but at this point all the churches/cathedrals were running together in my mind.

I should probably stop and do a bit of google searching to figure out where they are from, but the truth is I took these photos because I was in love with light and the way it influenced the way I was seeing the church. It was dark inside, but brought out, so the stained glass windows were amazing.

I pinned something last week about learning to observe light - I'd link to it, but it didn't have a source attached to it, so I don't feel right sharing without giving credit. It basically talked about how learning to observe light not only makes us better photographers, but changes the way we view the world. I think that is true in the physical sense, but I also believe it is true in the emotional sense. If we focus on the light (happy) aspects of life I think it can improve our overall outlook, at least I know that is true for me.

Rome church - light
This last iPhone photo, is another from a church I can't remember, but I remember pulling my camera out just to capture the light as it shone in through the windows. I'm hoping as I start this new adventure in Australia, I will remember to focus on the light (as I'm sure there will be a bit of dark, there always is with a move.) I hope that by focussing my attention that way I can enjoy the journey.

"We were born into a light.
For everyone alone, I wish you faith and hope
And all the strength to cope
To be your own best friend
Have confidence and keep the faith"
Ryan Adams - Born into the Light

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Lisa Gordon said...

Jamie, these are really beautiful.

laura lok said...

beautiful pictures. i hear there are so many beautiful churches most people can't remember one from another by the time they get home no matter how long they are gone. great iphone shot amazing what a little piece of plastic and glass can do

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