Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rome - The Pantheon and Piazza Navona

One of my best memories of Rome is of the Pantheon. I had decided to spend my first evening in the city at Piazza Navona, and stumbled across the Pantheon on my walk there. I was surprised because for some reason I thought it was closer to the Roman ruins.

I not only found it by accident, I entered in the middle of a concert of a children's choir from Bangladesh. There were singing Ave Maria when I walked in and I instantly had chills, it was incredibly powerful and it felt so right in this ancient building. The followed up with a gorgeous version of Amazing Grace.

A short time later, I was in the Piazza Navona and the children's group walked passed me - they were out of choir mode and into kid mode, helping them fit right into the crowd at the Piazza.

"Carry the promise of the old one."
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Michelle Scheibe said...

Great photos. I went in high school. I'd love to go back!

Lisa Gordon said...

Definitely on my bucket list, Jamie, and these photographs are wonderful.

Thank you for sharing them here!

Susan said...

I used to teach music to elementary age...there is nothing more angelic than a children's choir that sings well. It can take the breath away-and in such a stunning setting must be more magnificent.
Again, I love seeing these scenes. Rome is so crowded, but so rich with culture. I fear I will never get to Italy, but I sure would love to.
Happy day Jamie. Thanks for sharing these images.

Cindy said...

the thought of the choir gave me chills. beautiful in so many ways. enjoy your weekend!

Lisa RedWillow~ a Beauty seeker said...

Amazing beautiful place and your processing is gorgeous.

laura lok said...

ava marie one of my favorites. such beauty i think I would be in awe the entire time I went anywhere. thank you for sharing these

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