Monday, June 10, 2013

Rome: The Colosseum and the Forum

My very favorite day in Rome was the day I spent at the Colosseum and the Forum. I suspect it has something to do with the glorious weather in the early part of the day - after more than a week of freezing in Italy, things were finally a bit warmer. But it wasn't just the weather that had me in a great mood.

With every step I found myself in awe of the beauty of the ruins and with a desire to learn more about the history of these amazing places. I found myself wishing that I remembered more than watching game films in my world history class (the teacher was the football coach.....)

I explored the ruins on my own and didn't even really have a guidebook to help me out - which given how curious I was about the history, I regret a bit. Next time I go, I might consider buying the audio tour or taking a guide book just so I could satisfy my curiosity along the way.

If the good weather had held out, I likely would have spent several more hours here. But as you can see from the last couple of photos, the sky got dark and a very wet thunderstorm moved in, so I took cover in a nearby trattoria for an early dinner and a gelato, yum.

"Witness what I listen. There's a world here you're missing to behold."
The Milk Carton Kids - Undress the World

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Corinne Cunningham said...


tinajo said...

Looks beautiful! :-)

Justine said...

I went there a couple of years ago it is so beautiful. Wonderful photographs

laura lok said...

ahhh beautiful. love that there were people in that first shot. it shows the massiveness of the structure such old beauty.

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