Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Rome - Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps

What is a trip to Rome without a visit to the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. Both were very near my flat, so I found myself walking past one or both each day. They were always crowded and full of life - it seems I'm not the only one who had them on their must see list.

Proof that the crowds were incredible - all these people taking in the fountain - and this was on a weekday. One advantage of being there on my own - it is easier for one person to push their way to the front of the crowd than it is for a group!

On my last day in Rome, I went back and threw some coins in - hoping a little magic will come my way.

The Spanish Steps were only marginally less crowded. I know it is primarily a tourist stop - but I could also see it becoming a great place for locals to meet up with friends before exploring the nearby shopping area. I can see why they had to ban sitting and eating on the steps - what a great place it would have been for a picnic lunch or an afternoon gelato break.

The view from the top of the steps was pretty amazing and kept drawing me back - if only to see who was hanging out there each day.

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Dagmar said...

What fabulous pictures, with you taking them, it feels like you are right there..was amazed to see that many people on a weekday..hoping you are having a good week.

Susan said...

Wow. It's a shame that the place is so crowded. Can you imagine how amazing when you didn't have to push thru to see it-as if it were all your own.

laura lok said...

oh i love the view from the top I have never seen pictures from there before. some day I will see it all for myself someday.

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