Sunday, February 8, 2009


I was listening to a bit of Duffy today and a song came on that helps me define why I love to travel, this led to a realization that I haven't gotten around to posting pictures of my trip to Nepal a couple of weeks ago, so here is me playing catch up.

Although you think I cope
My head is filled of hope
of some place other than here
Although you think I smile
Inside and all the while

I'm wondering about my destiny

I'm thinking about all the things
I'd like to do in my life
I'm a dreamer, a distant dreamer

Dreaming far away from today.

I went back to my Asian home, The Courtyard in Kathmandu. Owned by my lovely friends Pujan and Michelle. Staying at the Courtyard is not like any hotel experience I've ever had before, from the second arrive I feel like a long lost friend. The hotel is always full of interesting people and it isn't a place where you politely nod and pass someone in the hallway or lobby. Here people come together for conversation and laughs. I learn so much just sitting around the hotel in the evenings. Not to mention the fact that the hotel and rooms are amazingly beautiful.

Here are a few photos taken around Thamel:

This is a street vendor located at Durbur Square one of the main tourist attractions in town. I love the mix of the blue cart with the marigolds in the background.

Marigold offerings at one of the shrines.

A woman selling produce on the street.

A street side booth selling wood carvings.

There are many roadside stores with the short doors where you actually step down to enter.

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