Sunday, February 8, 2009


On my last trip to Kathmandu I didn't get to see any of the monuments or sights because the locals were protesting a decision by the government, so we avoided those areas. This trip I was determined to take in at least a couple. Above are some photos from Durbur Square. The square was beautiful, but I didn't enjoy it - too many touts. They just wouldn't leave me alone long enough to enjoy the area.

After I returned to the hotel from the square another guest suggested I to to Patan, she promised it would be a bit more peaceful. I agreed and also developed a plan to beat the touts - I switched to Portuguese. I know what you are thinking, and no, Portuguese my skills didn't magically improve - but a couple of words were good enough to convince the touts to move on to some other victim. I enjoyed Patan and plan to use my Portuguese method the next time I'm surrounded by touts who won't leave me alone.

As I walked through the ruins of Patan, a line from an old Corrs song kept running through my head:

I've been spending my time
In the old town

When you grow up in the states it is hard to believe that things this old exist and are a part of daily life for millions.

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Joanne said...

wow! beautiful, i can't imagine seeing that every day.

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