Sunday, June 22, 2008

Best. Vacation. Ever.

I'm finally back after what must be the best vacation ever. It started with a long weekend in Moab with my extended family, followed by a 10 day cruise to Scandinavia and Russia topped off by a long weekend in Aurora. Best of all, I managed to leave work and the stresses that come with it behind for a full two weeks. Tomorrow I'll do my best to dig my way out of a ton of email and hopefully post a few pictures and stories from my fantastic holiday. For tonight, I'm just going to chill, and enjoy the last few hours of my holiday.

As I drove down to Moab two weeks ago I put a Dido CD in and when I heard "Sand in My Shoes" I was determined that I would enjoy my vacation, I would take the time to enjoy the sunsets, and that when I got home I'd be able to pull the song back out and feel like it was my reality.

Two weeks away it feels like the whole world should've changed
But I'm home now
And things still look the same
I think I'll leave it till tomorrow to unpack
Try to forget for one more night

That I'm back in my flat on the road
Where the cars never stop going through the night
To a life where I can't watch sunset
I don't have time
I don't have time

Tomorrow's back to work and down to sanity
should run a bath and then clear up the mess I made before I left here
Try to remind myself that I was happy here
Before I knew that I could get on the plane and fly away

Two weeks away, all it takes to change and turn me around

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