Monday, June 23, 2008


Stockholm deserves a second visit, I didn't get to see nearly enough. I had high hopes as we sailed into port and got our first view of the city, but I soon discovered it was COLD - and then the rain started. Genius that I am, I didn't have a jacket with me, so I bundled up the best I could thanks to a couple of Indian wraps and we set off.

The plan was to hit the Old Town then head up to the castle for the changing of the guard. We were using a Hop-On Hop-Off boat to see the city and missed the stop for the old town so we went straight to the castle and explored the state apartments, but when we realized we'd need to stand in the rain for another 45 minutes to catch the changing of the guard, we decided to skip it and do a little shopping instead.

I loved Old Town, it was full of great little shops and amazing architecture, if only it hadn't been so cold and we'd had more time, I could have spent the entire day exploring the shops.

Our last stop of the day was the Vasa Ship Museum, which contains a recovered 17th century war ship which was salvaged near Stockholm.

This is the only city where we didn't spend a bunch of time in an old church, but only because the one we tried to get in was closed.

Here are a few highlights of the city and some Miles Davis to set the scene:

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Maggie's Mom said...

Are you going to do a different post for each of the days on your trip? You'll be posting forever!!! Wish I had speaker on my computer at work so I could listen to your music. :)

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