Monday, June 23, 2008


If you look at the photos from Helsinki you'd think all we did was visit churches, but the truth is we spent most of the day shopping with just a side trip to the churches.

We were lucky in Helsinki, a friend of V's was from Finland and gave us a list of places to check out while we were there, so we followed her plan and enjoyed the city the way a local would. We spent a lot of the day at a market in the center of the city that reminded me a lot of Pike's Place Market in Seattle, with fish, flower and produce vendors along with some great craft booths. She told us the jewelry places to hit up and we both came away with some fantastic jewelry finds. And of course, we visited a couple of Merimekko shops.

We even had some extra time in Helsinki to sit in the park and watch the people - one of my favorite things to do.

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The Felix Family said...

WOW!! That is the coolest cruise I have ever seen!! Those are amazing places.

UnderRoos said...

My brother served a church mission in Helsinki. How fun to see the pictures!

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