Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Tallin was one of my favorite cities on the trip. The Old Town portion of the city retains it's medieval charm and was added to the UNESCO list in 1997. Walking through the arch into the city was like stepping back in time. We only had about 6 hours in port here, so V & I were off the ship promptly by 7:30. For the first hour or so we felt like we were on our own, nothing was opened and there were very few people in the area so we were able to explore completely on our own. It was a blast.

With few crowds the pictures were great and I was inspired by the beautiful doors at every turn in the city and started snapping shots of them. Below are some of the doors we discovered before the shops opened and the tour groups from the ship started filling the city.

By mid-morning, the town square was filled with booths and artists selling their wares, I found some great blown glass, a wooden toy for M and some great jewelry. All too soon we had to head back to the ship, Tallin is now high on my list of cities that deserves a second visit.

The doors of Tallin give me an excuse to use a song from one of my favorite bands, 3 Doors Down
, "The Road I'm On"

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Maggie's Mom said...

Yea, I love that song and video!

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