Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Gdansk, like Tallin had a charming Old Town, which was rebuilt following the war, and I have to say they did a fantastic job. We also got to see our first real castle of the trip. It, too, was completely rebuilt following the war. Unlike the Palaces in Russia, this castle was simple, not a lot of gilding - much more to my taste.

My great grandfather (who I never knew) emigrated from Poland, and since my short visit there I've been wishing I knew more about him, what city he lived in, why he chose to leave and how much of his family remained behind. You'd think with my church's emphasis on genealogy I'd know the answer to at least a few of those questions.

Thinking about my grandparents always brings a great Mary Chapin Carpenter song to mind, "My Heaven" I hope Heaven is as great as MCC's vision and that they are together in Heaven looking down on me and are proud of the person I've become.

There's pools and lakes and hills and mountains
Music, art, and lighted fountains
Who needs bucks here, no one's counting
In my heaven

No one works, we all just play
We pick the weather everyday
If you change your mind, that's ok
In my heaven

Grandma's up here, Grandpa too
In a condo with to-die-for views
There's presidents and movie stars
You just come as you

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