Monday, December 27, 2010

Best of 2010 - Jerrod Niemann to Lady Antebellum

I'm sharing my favorite songs discovered in 2010 - 6 songs a day - I'll post the entire set in a YouTube playlist on December 31.

Jerrod Niemann - What Do You Want
"If you've moved on why does it feel like I'm losing you again"

A new discovery for me this year, I love the blues influences in his music.

Josh Ritter - Change of Time
"The sails of memory rip open in silence."

What is it about musicians named Josh or Joshua, there are a ton of them in my iPod and I love them all. Josh Ritter is always a good pick.

Joshua James - Weeds
"You cut half your heart, it makes it hard to grow."

Another artist discovered at the Public Library, he's another artist that seemed to hit this year's sweet spot of raw, roots-based music with a touch of blues.

Joshua Radin & Schuyler Fisk - Paperweight
"Every world you say I think I should write down."

Joshua number 3 on the list.  I eagerly await new music from Joshua Radin - it is almost a given I will love anything he does.

Katie Herzig - I Hurt Too
"I believe there is peace up there in those hills."

One of the songs Katie wrote "Heaven's My Home" performed by the Duhks was nominated for a Grammy and is one of the most played song on my iPod - so I was thrilled to find some of her solo stuff. This songs beautiful and haunting melody gets me every time.

Lady Antebellum - Hello World
"Sometimes I forget what livings for."

This song can give me chills when I'm in the right mood.  Their harmony's are so beautiful in this song.

Can you think of a Josh/Joshua I missed? Pin It


justine said...

what about Josh Rouse? one of my favourite singers. Love your shot with the beautiful bokeh

Miss Becky said...

Jamie your photos get more beautiful each one then the next. I was captivated by the Lady Antebellum video - very nice harmonies indeed. I'm not familiar with any of these artists so you're expanding my musical world! I love the Josh Ritter tune, and Jerrod Niemann too. I've been a bit under the weather and haven't made it round as often as I'd like but when I pay you a visit I'm always guaranteed a treat and I love that. thanks for sharing, and have a beautiful day!

~Kristina said...

Oooh! That whole Lady A album might just be my #1 for the year.

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