Monday, December 6, 2010

Snowy Day

Snow Drifts
The snow has officially arrived in my neck of the woods.  I don't mind it much when I don't have to try and drive in in (and after I've done the work of clearing the driveway, sidewalks and balcony.)  

As the sun rises
My favorite time with the snow is the day after a snow storm when the sky is clear and the sun rises over the mountains in my backyard.  

Snow Crystals
The snow sparkles - it really is heavenly, at least in the backyard.  The front yard tends to get brown and slushy, not as heavenly.

I just picked up a 50mm lens (aka nifty-fifty) I'm struggling a bit with it and I'm not quite sure why.  I know many of you have them (and love them) any tips to help me get started?  Also - a huge THANK YOU for all of your tips on my dry hands.  I'm working my way through the list and have already seen a huge difference - no new splits and the ones I have are nearly healed.  

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Jen said...

Isn't Sarah amazing in that video? I love anything she sings!!

chasity said...

your snow photos are amazing. almost makes me want some.


i have a 60 mm that i love.
but it did take some getting used to the fixed lens.

you will love it ~ soon.

thanks for your encouraging words.

and this song is great. i've never heard this one.

her voice is so pure.


R Montalban said...

The snow is really beautiful, I love it too. Glad your hands are better, was thinking about you when I was buying moisturiser, but I don't suffer from dry hands so was at a loss when it comes to advice.

Lesley said...

Your pictures are beautiful, snow and sunshine are a lovely combination!
You are going to have such fun with your new lens- I've only had my nifty fifty a couple of months and I love it. My advice is to leave your other lenses at home, take it for a walk and get used to zooming in and out with your feet
instead of your lens!

justine said...

I love that first snow shot, beautiful! the great thing is you have sunshine with your snow, we just have grey sky. With the 50mm it does take a while, if you aren't getting it to focus remember to walk away or just move back a bit or move slightly to the left or right, it is a walking lens so it will take a while but the clarity is so good, took me about a month - was ready to give it all up and now it's the lens I use the most. I keep it mostly on 2.6 or so as it seems to be its sweet spot.

Diana Joy said...

No camera advice from me...I'm so camera challenged. Lovely pics today and Sarah is a long time fav of mine. Thanks.

Krystal said...

I'm pretty sure that is the prettiest snow ever!!

lisa said...

It arrived here too, both yesterday and today. I love the first snowfall. Always so clean and fresh. It has been especially cold, so it is all nice and fluffy too! Especially love that first shot, and wonderful song.

Be patient with the 50mm lens. It just takes some practice, and getting used to something different. Once you get going with it, I think you will love it. I use mine for most of my shots.

Have a great day Jamie.


Ashley Sisk said...

Oh Jamie - the snow looks so incredibly gorgeous!

The Felix Family said...

I love when the snow sparkles and you captures that beautifully. Amazing pictures!

blue elephant photography said...

the snow is so beautiful! you should send some my way! oklahoma is so weird lol it's just been chilly, then sunny, then dreary ugh. i hope it snows soon! i love the song btw =)

Anonymous said...

That first photo is just wonderful. No sun with the snow here either, which makes taking photos much less exciting---especially since it's so cold! The sweet spot on my 50mm is about 2.8. Although I love it at 1.4 for the blurred background. I do have to be farther away from the subject than I expect to get good focus sometimes. You'll surely learn to love it.

Amanda said...

love those super macro shots that you get. Our little corner of the world just got 18 inches of snow dumped on it, so I'll have to go outside and take some snowy shots...

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