Sunday, August 3, 2008


Mission: Relaxing Weekend. My goals: Brunch, shopping, mani, pedi, movie, NO work.

It's been a while since I had a weekend without work and even longer since I felt like a girl rather than one of the guys, so I started the weekend with a mission and a series of goals. The weekend didn't go exactly as planned, but the overall mission was accomplished.

I started the weekend at one of my favorite markets (Kahn) with the idea of going to my favorite coffee shop for an American-style brunch. I had a good book in my bag and planned to sit there for an hour and just savor the experience. Unfortunately I mentioned my plan to a couple of the guys and next thing I knew listening to them talk Rugby and Cricket over brunch. Still the food was great and I had time for a little shopping in before we headed back home (this was all pre-rain, see my previous post.)

This afternoon, I escaped for a mani/pedi, it's amazing what the difference a little girly pampering can make in your overall outlook on life. I even made up for my lack of book time during brunch on Saturday by stopping in at my favorite restaurant for lunch and a bit of reading and not a bit of conversation about sport of any sort.

I ended the evening with a movie, so I'm declaring this mission accomplished. I'm more relaxed and I feel almost like a girl again, today calls for some girl power music, Amy Studt's "Just a Little Girl"

But there’s nothing in this world, nothing in this world
That could hold me down, can’t you hear me?
Don’t you understand
That I wanna be myself, wanna be the girl,
Wanna be the one that you can rely on
How I wish that you could see all there is of me
How I long to hear that you take me
For who I am

‘Cause I’m just a little girl you see
But there’s a hell of a lot more to me
Don’t ever underestimate what I can do
Don’t ever tell me how I’m meant to be

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Maggie's Mom said...

What movie did you watch? I wish I had time for a mani/pedi. I need one!

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