Friday, August 1, 2008


Thanks to Jen, Katie and Mary I spent an embarrassing amount of my Friday thinking about this list:

  1. Hugh Jackman
  2. Gerald Butler (don’t judge him from that cheesy “PS I Love You” check out “Dear Frankie”)
  3. Clive Owen
  4. Matthew Macfadyen
  5. Naveen Andrews

Since I've twice this week mentioned how much I miss hearing another American accent, I’m surprised that the common link on the list seems to be a foreign accent.

The Killers have a great song called “The List” that seems to fit.

“You should have known by now you were on my list”

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Maggie's Mom said...

Carl Edwards
Christian Bale
Kyle Chandler
Jake Gylenhall
Edward Cullen (Do fictional characters count?)

Maggie's Mom said...

Check out this post on Ashlee's blog. It is super cute.

Mary said...

JAMIE! I am so excited to find your blog! Impressive list.

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