Friday, August 8, 2008


I’ve been working on a project for several months which will tell you just how anal I can be. I have nearly 10,000 songs in the iTunes library I travel with and it drives me nuts that most of them are lacking ratings. For the last several months, while I’m at work, I’ve been trying to listen to the songs and add ratings. It’s been slow going, and to make it interesting I try to sort it in different ways so I can hear a variety of songs and not just listen to stuff all by the same artist. I’ve tried alphabetically by song title, by date added, by date of last play, etc. It seems to be a never ending project.

Today was another rainy day in Delhi, so much so that I took a few pictures from the office to share. I noticed that everyone wasted a bunch of time staring out the window just watching it rain.
My time spent staring out the window inspired me to search the library for songs about rain. 123 songs came up, but after I threw out the duplicates and the ones that were really about trains or brains or just had rain in the title of the album I was left with 62 - that’s a lot of songs about rain. All the songs about rain are now rated and I’ve decided to start looking for other themes to accompany my rating project – any suggestions? Leave them in comments (and get more creative than “love” I’d never finish that list.)

Picking the song to feature in this post wasn’t easy, there are a lot of great ones – but in the end there seemed to be a clear winner, Gary Allan’s “Songs about Rain” which seemed to be a perfect summary of my experiment, I love that I had every one of the named checked songs in my list.

It sure ain't helping this mood that I'm in
If they're gonna keep on playin’ these songs like...

"Rainy Night In Georgia" and "Kentucky Rain"
"Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again",
"Blue Eyes Cryin" in the "Early Morning Rain"
They go on and on, and there's no two the same
Oh how I wish I could blame all these
Songs about rain

Warning - this is a is a twangy type of country song, so for you haters, listen at your own risk.

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Maggie's Mom said...

How about home, breathing, seasons, driving, school, pets, eating . . .

Maggie's Mom said...


The Henrie Family said...

Hey! A blast from the past. I just came upon your blog and couldn't resist saying "hi"! I am glad to see you among the blogging world. Hope all is well.


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