Thursday, August 14, 2008


When I travel to a new place, especially when I'm alone, I try to schedule an airport pick-up rather than trying to find a taxi. In some countries, you just don't know what to expect and the language can be problematic. So, when I booked my hotel in Muscat I added an airport pickup. Let's just say it was a very good decision.

Before I get to that, let's go back to the trip here. The Delhi international airport has a bad reputation - and it's well deserved. The only positive is that my flight was during the day, which is actually the slow period for the airport (they are busiest in the middle of the night, go figure.) As my plane started to board I realized I was one of about 8 women on the entire flight, the only one flying alone and the single westerner on the plane. Talk about sticking out .

When I entered the terminal, I started looking around for the desk to arrange for a visa, expecting this airport to be like all others - you go through immigration, get you bag, head through customs and then you meet your driver. Not this time.

I quickly saw a great looking guy in long brown robes holding a sign with my name on it. He led me to the line to purchase visas, but instead of waiting in line, he pushed to the front and got me straight to the desk. Next stop - immigration. Again, he pushed to the front of the line and we were out in a flash.

I was starting to feel like a VIP, no standing in line, people looking at me wondering why I got special treatment. Of course, the girl from Aurora was uncomfortable jumping the line, but I pushed her voice to the back of my head and enjoyed my rockstar moment.

Alas, even rockstars have to wait at the luggage carousel and repeat the traveler's prayer ("please let my luggage come" "please let my luggage come") After a medium sized wait my bag arrived, my guide commented on it small size (giving me pride in my careful packing job.) We were quickly off in a beautiful car, driving at the kind of speeds you only see in countries with great road systems (i.e. not Delhi.)

At the hotel, the porter directed me not to a front desk, but to this AMAZING lounge area.

While I enjoyed the beautiful setting a waiter offered me an iced towel and a glass of juice. I never had to move from the lounge, instead the desk attendants came to me. In no time at all the paperwork was finished and I was being shown to my beautiful room (more on that later.)

There is no question that I've left Delhi behind and, so far at least, I've done so in rockstar fashion. Hope this one makes you smile - I can't watch it without grinning (don't worry it's the radio friendly version.)

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HeRoosSheRoos said...

Wow, how nice! You deserve to be treated like a rock star. I would love to be there with you for a girl's get away. I can picture us sipping virgin pina colodas by the pool with fresh pedicures. Enjoy it my friend!

joannes51 said...

Wow! Thats a great beginning to a wonder well deserved vacation! Can't wait to hear more about it. Bet its gets better and better...

Clinton Painter said...

Now I am anxious to hear more about the trip. So far it sounds fantastic. Hope it all turned out great.

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