Saturday, August 2, 2008


I keep forgetting it is Monsoon season here in Delhi - but not this weekend.

On Friday I went to a meeting at a local market, once the meeting was over I decided to stay and see if I could find a new AC adapter for my computer since my fix - match sticks, tape and binder clip - was failing to keep the power flowing. Just as I was walking down the aisle of stores a light rain started - no worries I figured, I'll just walk along the edges under the awnings. I soon found a store which could order an adapter for me and headed back to the center of the market to find a tuk tuk to get me home. It started pouring, so I ducked into a bookshop thinking I'd browse for a few minutes, and wait for the rain to slow. After 20 minutes the rain was coming down even harder. I decided I would run for a nearby restaurant and eat lunch while I waited. I dashed to the door and started up the stairs only to discover the restaurant was partially flooded - the roof was leaking everywhere. Luckily there was a dry table just waiting for me. The rain had finally stopped by the time I finished eating. Rain seems like a pretty good excuse for missing most of a mornings worth of work, doesn't it?

Today I decided to go for a walk. I had just started down the block when I heard the thunder, so I changed directions and decided to just go grab a loaf of bread at the mini-mart a couple of blocks away, figuring I had time to get there and back before the rain started. I was wrong. Just as I was checking out, the monsoon started, stil I decided to brave the rain, figuring it was just a short walk. By the time I'd walked the 2 blocks home I was a sodden mess, water dripping from my hair, eye lashes and jeans. Worse, I'm convinced the rain was full of nastiness since it was burning my eyes.

On my way to the mini-mart, I stopped to take a couple of photos of the "road construction" going on. For several weeks the street has been replaced by a giant hole, dug completely by hand. The dirt is moved by women carrying baskets on their heads, while their kids play in the dirt nearby. The picture is hazy due to the moisture in the air. The second picture is where they have refilled the hole and put new blacktop down. Unfortunately they didn't wait for the dirt to settle and the blacktop has now collapsed so it is about 8" lower than it should be and there are giant potholes opening up. Guess we'll avoid this road for a while.

It seems there are hundreds of songs about rain that would work for today. I've decided to go with a great one from Kasey Chambers, "The Rain" because I love her and the song has an amazing message:

I will try to break
Every habit that holds me
I will try to make everyone happy again
I will try to take anything you can throw at me
I will let the rain come in
I will try to face everything that scares me
I will try to trace
Everywhere that I've been
I will try to wait for all of the hearts to be mended
I will let the rain come in

And if I try too hard
Or maybe not hard enough
I'll be the one who says
Its all gonna be OK
And if it all falls down well its never gonna really matter
Because the rain washes everything away

I will try to breathe
Deeper than all of the oceans
I will try to see
The battle instead of the win
I will try to leave
All that I've wasted behind me
I will let the rain come in

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