Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Another photo from my arboretum trip, can you see my reflection in the drop of water?

Corinne over at Trains, Tutus and Tea Time posted photos and the story of her recent visit to Walden pond.  It was an amazing, beautiful post that has had me dreaming of a visit or just a week alone in nature.  Either option sounds heavenly right now.

Can you imagine a week without the worries of work, email, cell phones or any other electronic leash?  Don't get me wrong, I love all of these tools, but there are times I want to escape from them all with nothing but a few dozen good books.

With Thoreau already on my mind a quote of his jumped out at my as I read through a local newspaper over the weekend:  "Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it."

At first the quote didn't seem to fit with my idea of Thoreau and what he stood for (at least in my mind.)  But after a bit of thought I've decided it is a perfect fit.  True success is living the life you love and not striving for the world's idea of success.  If I spend my life occupied with the things that bring my joy, what the rest of the world thinks or says won't particularly matter.

Bon Iver, another guy who escaped the world to focus on his art for a period seems the perfect match for a post about Thoreau.

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Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Truly gorgeous photo!!! Love the reflection. See you tomorrow. ♥T

Corinne said...

Such beautiful sentiments.
Any time you want to visit, I'll meet you for coffee and a walk around Walden :) (or I'll show you the path and then leave you alone!)

blue elephant photography said...

these flowers are so so beautiful jaime!

Clare B said...

Embarassingly I've never heard of Thoreau before, but I'm off to investigate now.

Diana Joy said...

Truly amazing photo with your tiny reflection in the water drop. Couldn't be more perfect.

Dorian Susan said...

Hey Jamie-
I too loved Corinne's post about Walden Pond...I've never been and it's not that far for me. Your photo is beautiful-tho' I never would have noticed you in that droplet had you not pointed it out.

A Box of Chocolates said...

Firstly don't ya just love it when you take a photo and then see your reflection in it somewhere I soooo love that. Then since I am reading the entries backwards I noted that when the evacuation happened you took heaps of stuff so funny when I read the next post saying you wanted to get away from it all without any of that stuff. We are crazy mixed up kids hey!!! Ha ha! I would grab my computer too and photos and my camera and all sorts of things I shouldn't yeah I know we shouldn't but hey some things we just don't want to be without.

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