Monday, August 2, 2010

A New Crush

I have a new musical crush.

I had a lazy weekend thanks to a pesky cold, so I used Hulu to catch up on a little TV, including the latest episode of "Friday Night Lights."  I heard a gorgeously haunting song that I had to track down by a guy named Dan Auerbach called "When the Night Comes."

I found myself digging through YouTube looking for more and my crush is starting to bloom into full blown love.  He fits in well with some of my other great loves: Ray LaMontagne, Amos Lee, Alexi Murdoch and The Avett Brothers.  Check him out, I think you'll be glad you did.

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Tammy Lee Bradley said...

What is with you and men with beards. Zac Brown Band still makes me swoon. love.

Stephanie said...

I love finding new music... it's like finding little treasures!

gibknitty said...

we can always rely on you to find new music. hope you enjoyed your rest away from blog-land (although sorry you were sick).

Dorian Susan said...

Hey Jamie-
I've been thinking of you and wondering how you're doing since your grandfather died. I've been pretty out straight and not had time to really visit OPBs (other people's blogs)...but you've been on my mind never the less. I'm glad to see you took some time to gather your thoughts...sorry it's taken time to express mine.
Tonight is the first time that I've ever listened to any of your music posts....I'm having a mini-stretch of a little bit better than ususal hearing. I miss finding new music...hell, I miss music in general. I thought your "new crush" had titles that mirrored where your heart likely is resting.
Hope that brighter days are ahead...actually, I know they are. Hope they come to you soon.

R Montalban said...

Love these songs, thanks for sharing. Glad you came over and visited my blog and that you are liking Scotland and what we have been up to. I am so glad that you are enticed to come over I am very flattered and who knows maybe we might even just meet up!!!

cindy said...

a lot of guys have beards these days! he's new to me too and i like him. great find!

Leslie @ said...

Love this! Gah, I love your music loves, as a whole. Alexi Murdoch!

My dream: To some day spend hours browsing through your MP3 collection.

Dan Felstead said...

Jamie...I saw your comment on HazyDaisy's blog and followed here. Glad I did...great music and I really like Dan Auerbach...I will have to check him out.


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