Thursday, August 12, 2010

A New Discovery

For music this week I've been busy checking out the artists and songs that were recommended last week on my guest post at Kim Klassen's Stay-cation site, including an artists I've never heard of before:  Ellie Goulding.  She's great and I have no idea how I've missed out on her music before now.

I've found other great new songs and artists thanks to the fellow music lovers who posted comments.  What about you?  Any new musical discoveries lately? Pin It


R Montalban said...

That's the song I did on my blog about my friends pregnancy bump! I love that song so so much and so glad she is catching on as she is fantastic. I thought you would like her! xo

Suki said...

This is such a fantastic song.
One I love recently too is Kris Allen No Boundaries.

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